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After 8 years in business, we've decided to shift our focus and join forces with another great digital agency, PatraCompany. Our software, Complete Management Portal (oCMP), is becoming a PatraCompany product and will continue to serve as the website CMS and operational backbone of their inbound marketing websites and development. Both Ben and Matt are excited be joining the PatraCompany team and bring their respective talents to the Patra family.

PatraCompany is an inbound marketing agency providing solutions in video, photography, graphic design, web development, inbound marketing, Hubspot integration, email campaigns, social media management, consulting and more - specializing in converting leads from marketing campaigns into customers and providing a clear ROI via data. We'd love to talk with you about these services and how they can bring success to your business! You can find out more at or reach out to us directly to set up a meeting.

We're so thankful for the support our customers have shown us - we look forward to new opportunities to bring you an even better product offering!

Best Wishes,

Matt, Ben & Aaron
Original Computing